Women’s Empowerment Workshops

30 Days to Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Balance (4 weeks)

In 4 weeks, this intimate workshop setting provides an opportunity for you to get to know other women as you focus on reconnecting with yourself.  The workshop provides both in-depth exploration of your own life as well as sharing with and learning from the lives and experiences of others.  The goal of this workshop is to help start you on the process of reconnecting with yourself.  We do this by exploring the following areas:

  • Emotional - Mental Health (Getting peace of mind, calmness, focus, clarity, confidence, motivation, positive thoughts & feelings, healthy choices and behaviors)
  • Physical Health (Helping to transform health concerns, improving weight loss / management & fitness / nutrition goals, lowering stress, improving sleep & energy)
  • Relationship Health (Improving communication, conflict resolution, collaboration, healthy loving boundaries, and giving a clear map to follow for healthy relationships for couples, parents, families, work places & communities)
  • Purpose and Passion (Clarifying purpose and goals as well as promoting passion in career, work, vocation, sports, school, and life)
  • Spiritual Balance (Enhancing personal growth, awareness and deepening meditation or contemplation)

Each session you will leave with “practices” – new behaviors and/or ways of being you’d like to work on in the next week, as well as “homework” to be completed before our next session.

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Creating Your Ideal Life (5 Weeks)

This workshop is designed for women who want to build their SELF ESTEEM or DISCOVER THEIR LIFE PURPOSE. It's about helping you develop an inner confidence that will enable you to feel like a million dollars or more everyday!

This Workshop is For You If You:

  • Want to value yourself more
  • Want to enjoy being the woman God Made you to be
  • Want to feel great about your appearance
  • Want to start feeling good about your life
  • Want to take control of your destiny
  • Want the freedom to be your best self.
  • Want to become more confident, assertive and to boost your self-esteem.
  • Want to discover your purpose in life.
  • Want a plan for your life.
  • Want to reconnect with your passion.

This empowering coaching workshop will help you find the truth about who you are what you want and shine the spotlight on what matters most to you. It will clarify issues and get you to connect to that side of you that will ignite your passion and set you on an unstoppable path to success.

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Discover Your Inner Vixen (Reclaiming or Discovering Your Sexual Self) (2 weeks)

This workshop is a gift of sexual self-awareness.  All designed to help you ponder, think, and discover and reveal what is your sexual truth. We will take a journey through old fears and heartbreak, and into a place of transformation, fun and freedom!    I will lead the group in exercises, games and rituals designed explicitly to create a move towards sexual empowerment and celebration.  Discover your sexuality on a deeper level and start getting the most from your relationships.

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Parent Empowerment Workshops

10 Ways To Motivate Your Teen
How to Talk to your Teen and Stay Connected
Raising Girls – What’s the difference and How to Do it Better
Raising Boys – What’s the difference and How to Do it Better
How to Help Your Child Deal with a Divorce

Couples Empowerment Workshops

How to Become the Ideal Mate/Partner (1 week)
Communication 101 – Mastering Communication with Your Mate
Connecting Points – 10 ways to stay connected to your mate with your busy life.