Life Coaching

What is Personal Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is not a form of counseling.  Life Coaching is a collaborative process between me and my clients.   It is an intentional, conscious, and focused process that uses conversation, targeted action, and accountability to create an experience for sustained personal and professional growth. 

I design my coaching practice on the premise that we are all whole and resourceful people.   Therefore, I work with you utilizing your own resourcefulness and creativity to assist you in creating Your Ideal Life.   I assist you in going beyond the obstacles that stand between you and achieving your goals.  This helps to build clients self-esteem so that they can trust their own decisions and rely less on outside help in the future.

Who benefits from Personal Life Coaching?

Whether you are a professional, a homemaker, athlete, performer, artist, or individual contemplating a life change or experiencing a transition, I can assist you in moving more confidently toward the future.

Keisha supports you in your journey toward:

  • Enriching your personal development
  • Improving your professional life
  • Enhancing your relationships

 Life Coaching takes place on the telephone, Women’s Enrichment Workshops , or if you live in the Las Vegas area we can meet in my Summerlin office.


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There is no fee or obligation.