Divorce Coaching

What is Divorce Coaching?

A Divorce Coach serves a personal mentor throughout the process, and assists clients in separating the emotional from the business. The focus is on the present situation (the divorce) and learning how to approach and manage the challenges and decisions that divorce presents. Coaching offers structure and holds clients responsible for assuming a pro-active role. A Coach may recommend material for clients to read, work on, or refer to for future use.

Benefits of Divorce Coaching

Divorce is a life altering change. Having an awareness of the factors necessary for change and the various stages of change makes it easier for clients to remain calm and patient.  Clients can benefit by working with a Coach in setting realistic expectations for the process and receiving education about the options available for divorce. Being informed and prepared helps clients make important decisions with confidence. Guiding clients in clarifying their thoughts, needs, and concerns, in order to communicate more effectively, is another important function of the Coach. Clear, purposeful and rational communication helps to ease tension and foster understanding between spouses, as well as parents and children. Additionally, clearly and precisely conveying key facts and asking pertinent questions aids a client in choosing and communicating effectively with his or her attorney. It is important to proceed through the divorce process in manageable steps; thus, the Divorce Coach will help clients to prioritize the tasks that need to be completed during the divorce.