About Keisha Weiford

Keisha WeifordKeisha Weiford is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Relationship and Life Coach who works with people as they create balance and purpose in their lives and consciously make the choice to fully embrace their powerful selves.  She supports individuals as they become the leaders of their own lives and relationships and take the steps necessary to lead their unique adventure of life.  Keisha Weiford works with a wide range of clientele all who aspire to achieve awareness, empowerment, and improve their quality of life.  Keisha has coached friends, colleagues, and associates for many years.  After incorporating coaching techniques in her therapy practice and seeing the benefits and vast improvements in clients, she opened her coaching business.  As a personal and professional coach, Keisha draws upon her extensive knowledge in education, psychology, and clinical therapy to assist individuals experiencing career, family, or personal transitions.  

Keisha is committed to continuously creating and developing relationship coaching programs and products for committed people (like you) interested in long-lasting results that keep them on-track with their life and relationship goals.

Raised in Brooklyn, NY and living in Las Vegas, Keisha Weiford holds a Masters’ from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Counseling Psychology.  She holds a certification from Life Coach Institute with a specialization in Relationship Coaching.

A note from Keisha Weiford,

I feel like I have been coaching my whole life. I am the person who people come up to in the grocery store or at the department store and they tell me their life stories. Now, this may sound like a problem to some people, but I am continually fascinated by each individual human being I meet. This fascination led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Counseling with a concentration in Marriage & Family from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shortly after receiving my Bachelors Degree in International Business from Howard University in Washington, DC.   As a dedicated and committed Therapist, Relationship and Life Coach, it is my job to assist you on your most fulfilling life journey.  I find it a blessing and joy to provide support to couples, families and individuals as they discover their path to living a joyful and rewarding life.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your unique journey toward actualizing your incredible potential to live the life you desire and deserve!
All My Best,